Monday, November 28, 2011

Professional SEO Services – What ‘NOT’ To Follow

Any SEO expert company would know the routes to a great SEO hallway. They awaken your business about the right ways and the not so feasible ways of practicing SEO.
SEO a.k.a search engine optimization is the second identity of any website. For those who are religious about their websites and businesses, must hire best SEO company to get them optimized. And why, you ask? The WWW space is brimming over with website submissions everyday, and to get yours noticed by search engines, optimization is imperative, period! 

Amid a galaxy full of websites, being found is like looking for a needle in a haysack... but SEO does it for you. A thorough consultancy from proven SEO experts is always a safe bet. The web is an ever evolving slate where the new takes over the old and to remain in limelight, search engines need to be pleased, SEO, yes it is, it’s as simple! 
There are certain algorithms that search engines employ like word density, meta tags, titles, inbound links, website traffic and content that decide the fate of a website’s positioning. It’s a cyber given that netizens have a short attention span and wouldn’t go over the first few pages to browse for a particular search. Hence your website must have a professional SEO treatment to gain a position on the top slots. 
However, it’s crucial to understand what works in the world of SEO and what’s not a good idea. An expert SEO company can guide you through the corridors of what clicks and what doesn’t. Let’s gossip a bit of what not to follow while doing SEO in order to take precautionary measures, and make perfect executions happen.
Here you go:
  • It’s a bad, bad idea to use a hidden text in the background. Refrain!
  • Restrict keyword frequency in the title tag.
  • Keyword stuffing is a big turn off. It crushes its credibility.
  • Redirecting the website from different domains is yet again a bad attempt.
  • Avoid using very small texts on the website.
  • An attempt to spamming is a big threat to your survival on the dot com fraternity.
  • Ensure that your website doesn’t cloak.
  • Participating in link farm programs isn’t advocated much.
  • Plagiarism is yet another unethical way to get SEO done.
  • Avoid using any programs that tends to manipulate Google SERPs.
  • Refrain from buying any irrelevant links on purpose.
These are some of the most recommended tricks and tips that must be followed in order to have a clean slate SEO practice. Hand over your website SEO services to a professional who understands your business character and customizes the modules accordingly. 

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