Thursday, December 8, 2011

Project Management Myths that would never Faint

Have you been a subject of mockery due to your projects? Or are they making you more frustrated than professionally fulfilled?
Bang on
You are in an urgent need of a well planned project management system-BIZixx. With the world getting fiercer, workplaces are getting wicked. Projects form the focal avenue of any organization and the rising need of the hour is to have effective project managers who can handle projects in the most profitable manner. Real project management is always almost about monitoring the pitfalls and managing them before any worse fall out. 

But amid all this, project delays are certain, and complains rise from sources like unreasonable clients, clueless decision makers, and untamed technology. More often than not, it’s also because of the many myths that float around about project management systems that make project managers either laugh out loud, or ponder with rolling eyes. Places where such myths prevail, more than the execution of projects, professional decorums keep battling the skeptics of project management or making a choice between applying the heroes or the cookies.
Stand some more....
Let’s look at the project myths that can make you swoon with sarcastic grins and make project managers boggle with steams...some things just stay, as some myths do...
  • In order to determine the level of a project success, the best barometer is the list of happy users. Hello? Why were the budget, objectives and the overall impact disowned? I sigh on their behalf...come on get a life!
  • If a project is approved, there shouldn’t be any modifications made thereafter. Did we miss out on any of the clause? Was it at all in the first place a thing to myth about? To err is human, to rectify is project management team, while, before, or after, all valid..
  • Project workers are slaves. Can we have somebody who can dig out such myth spreaders from ancient belief latches? Isn’t the pyramid building slave driven era bygone? Project management team needs utmost planning and tasks are assigned according to relevant expertise and experience.
  • Manager is the only source of motivation. Trash! In times of freedom and liberalization, why can’t we practice self motivation more than dependent motivation? True, manager plays a crucial role in panning out a proper and managed team flow, but it’s the responsibility of every team member to find out his own inspirational factor while working in a team.
  • Applying in house resources to the projects will help cut down on the costs. Where does value of time, expertise and expertise fit the bill?
Projects are integral to any business’ success these days and effective management of projects are imperative. Hence highly potent project management software plays a crucial role in getting things in order. Bizixx Business Solutions is one of the most reliable, accurate and swift online project management software that offers uber solutions to business needs.