Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Greatest must have for a small business website

Ok so a visitor comes to your website just to feel ‘out of place’ and walk back to some other option, or anyone who stumbles upon your website and gets pleasant surprises of coming across a stunning website…which one do you pick? There’s no special award if you select the latter option,,, it’s just too obvious. But then, how website design company can actually make such spectacular websites that are hard to ignore or to resist… to be more appropriate…umm?

Mind you… “A web surfer has an attention span of a drunken gnat” As Forbes put it.
If you are a biggie in the game, well, you have plenty to play around and still make an impact on your visitors. But, if you are a newbie or a small fish in the ocean, you must have glowing fins to pull your feed! Got what we mean? Make sure your website is decked up and embedded with exclusive features that give you an extraordinary effect. Treat yourself with some professional web design company credentials and see the magic wand spilling smiles.

Let’s look at some of the most imperative attributes that a small business website must have:
• Give them a clearer picture, whoever comes to your site should not feel the need to interrogate around. Give them everything ready and self explanatory. State who you are, what you are and what you do.
• “Let’s uncomplicate”… Your web address should be prominently visible and clearly explained.
• An easily navigated site map would always work wonders for your business. A web design company would create websites that could be easily accessible by visitors. Would you after all want someone coming to your site feel like being on an abandoned island?
• Get people who have been associated with you talk about you. Customer testimonials are always a great way to make a professional impact on your new visitors. It makes your products and services look more tangible to customers who are visiting you online. It is certainly a one up for your credibility and goodwill.
• A secure hosting company/platform is imperative and must be taken care of in the first place. You would not want someone to hijack your online information and ruin your market potential. Hence, take care of putting it on a reliable hosting platform.
• Either a blog or a video blog must be there. This is a rage in today’s internet climate and it must be tapped in as an advantage. Let your blog speak more of your business and put in the spotlights as much as possible for people to understand and feel your market presence better.
• Of course, did we mention, we love to always mention about content besides a great web page design? Great content still remains our favourite and Google’s darling factor to identify websites and give them relevant rankings.
These are some of the most important features out of the many other attributes that are floating on the hallways of cyber space related to small business website essentials. Have a look and contribute what else do you feel should be the right ways to make it big with a small business website?