Saturday, April 14, 2012

How one could be sure of an Indian Outsourcing Company?

Count of positives for outsourcing to India doesn’t come to an end if when started. There is big money one could save by getting access to technical expertise at discounted prices. Choosing outsourcing over expanding work force also saves a lot of money and, also, at the same time, increases the efficiency of employees. But only one question keeps firms from taking the plunge for all the advantages. Yes, the very first question “How to choose best Indian web design company to outsource to?
Well, to tell the truth, the question is quite logical. I mean your potential ‘Indian distant employee’ is sitting oceans away from you and apart from digital communication and ‘claims’ made by them only, there are no major ways to know how good they are. However, the logical question does have a logical answer if the hirer is willing to spend some time in front of the computer screen and SCRUTINIZE. To cut down research time, following the below mention guidelines would be highly suggested. 
Study Size and Growth
It would be a good idea to start by studying the website of the Indian company itself. Now, it is quite certain that the company will highlight all its strong points in the homepage only. Drink through it all and try to locate how much the company has grown, what is its size, number of work force it maintains. If the firm has not worked on new projects from quite a while, that means it lacks sheen. Moreover, if it operates on less than forty employees, it means it doesn’t get too much work which indicates sluggish growth. 
Get in Touch with Their Clients
Getting the word from someone who has already employed the company might help. This could be accomplished by posting a formal email to the firm requesting for information. Now, if the client is real and professional, the reply would surely come. Through this, one could know the type of service the outsourcing company provides, money they charge and also boundaries of bargain!
Now, Search Some More
Try to find articles or blog posts that contain information about the Indian outsourcing company. Dissatisfied clients have a tendency on going for a ranting spree on web by using company’s name a number of times. So, one would easily come to know good and bad things said. 
Follow the guidelines and there is a rare chance of ending with empty hands. Indian website companies have come a long way in outsourcing business. They have successfully accomplished the task of removing the ‘cheap expertise’ tag that is often put on companies emerging from developing companies by evolving web solutions that really uncomplicated matters. 
So, go ahead and find your best Indian website company to outsource to….!
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