Friday, April 27, 2012

Looking For an Awesome Website Development Company? Look For These Five Points Instead!

Ask any website development company about their worth and it will surely scream out ‘we are the best… or rather awesome’. But one needs more than just words to narrow it down to a company that is really awesome in the work they do. While there are a plenty of points that need to be considered while making the choice, taking care of the some super-crucial points does make the task less uphill. So, kindly pay heed because here we start.

The Very Look
This point will perhaps occupy the first spot till the time websites remain into existence. The logic is that it is the very first thing that catches visitor’s attention. If a website development firm could not take care of the ‘look’ parameter, then its claims of being the best are bound to be false. Text, graphics, pictures and color schemes together determine the overall look of the website. If a developer cannot score in all the four parameters motioned above for its own website as well as its clients, then probably, it’s time to move on.

Killer Content
If ‘look’ is the opener of the game, content has to be the showstopper. Now, visitor comes looking for something and if he doesn’t find it after the first scan through the website, the battle is a lost one. Content needs to be well organized, precise and communicative. Having endless articles with a lot of jargon will only confuse the visitor, eventually leads to his departure from the website. Therefore, see if the company you are planning to hire has done the same for its previous clients or, to start with, for itself?

Next surely comes the functionality part. There is no space for badly constructed components in a good platform. Blank links, snaps shots on videos in place of real ones and flawed structuring are a great turnoff for the visitor. Therefore, look for functionality glitches while analyzing your web service provider.

Navigation and Usability 
The overall structure of the website should be simple for visitor’s understanding. A complex website with a lot of animations, heavy pages and scrolling is a big No-No. Pages should load fast, layout has to be consistent, content should be compatible to different browsers and navigation has be top notch. These points plus one or two more could make a lot of difference. It has been deciphered that Indian web developers are good at this part.  

Last But Surely Not The Least
Those who said ‘SEO’ in their guess stand righteous. Now, nobody needs to know why SEO is important to improve website rankings. Hence, no need of too much delving. 
Above points, if taken seriously, could lead to the right service provider for the web job. And while you are on it, make sure a Professional web development company in India gets shortlisted. The word is ‘they are pretty awesome’.