Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Superpower of Custom Website Design

In today’s web obsessed world, everyone has an address starting from www. And why it should not be so when more than half of the world is glued to the computer screens for most part of the day working, socializing or just browsing. In such a cluttered scenario where everyone wants their share of eyeballs (sometimes, other’s share also), leaving a lasting impression could be herculean task for a website.

For a website to leave a mark, it has to be catchy, cool and informative at the same time. The task of coming up with a website design with one or two of the above mentioned features is something even a ten year old geek can accomplish but bundling all the three in one could give sleepless nights to even a renowned website designer.

The abyss of this web-need is filled by website design companies who have the talent pool to make web platforms for the eager customers willing to part with a hefty amount in dollars. But here too there is a glitch. While these so called ‘specialized’ firms know how to operate the web tools to make a website, they lack the insights about ‘what make a website tick’. By TICK, we mean the web platform to be the mirror image of what the proprietor firm or owner is like or, to be specific, believes in.

In the web world, your web platform represents you. If it is not sending the right message, then the customer, even though you may have top end products and services, would be left in doubt. Thus, the need of today is custom website design.

A custom web design company firstly gets to know the values, vision and products of its client through interactive sessions (in person with a representative or through telephone or mail). It analyzes and cross examines the information rendered through the information already there on brochures and web. Then, a team of professionals dexterous in website tools usage is handed the information to develop a platform that reflects everything the firm has specified.

Now, the task may seem simple while scanning through the last paragraph but it is as difficult as shooting a fish in a barrel. Though there are a number of firms in the custom web design business, only some have the knack in the field. FATbit Technologies is one such firm which has been rendering services in the customized field since 2004. It has proven its worth amongst global clients by developing web platforms that are catchy, cool and informative at the same time.
With roots set in the rising web services destination, India, FATbit exactly knows what clients want and are ready to offer the same at genuine charges segregated through web design packages.