Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Web Services Company Friendly to Your Pockets: A Myth or Truth?

These are slim times with anguished people occupying squares around the world, money sitting on the palms of some few and the whole world bleeding with financial issues. No field, whether online or offline, has been left untouched by the financial hurricane that hit the global markets some years ago. In such times, there are a number of web design companies (located in USA, India and other turfs) out there claiming to be friendly to their client’s pockets. But is there any truth behind these claims or are they just myths powdered as truths?

While one can’t be hundred percent sure in this case, there are a number of arguments that indicate the latter one as correct. Most of the website companies play the same game supermarkets are very good at. Push the prices two notches up and then bring them one step down to scream HEAVY DISCOUNT.

However, there are a number of South Asian companies who genuinely have the edge of price over their competitors sitting in front of their laptops in the West. The explanation offered by these affordable web design companies is worth buying. Firstly these firms are young and want to make their place for themselves in the market of web designing. Thus, the most obvious path for them is to bring down prices of their services to compete with the big sharks of web designing.

Secondly, due to the boom of education in developing countries and opportunities given by internet has given birth to a new breed of entrepreneurs who are ready to walk the extra mile to serve their clientele.

A number of web design companies in India are emerging to cater to the price sensitive group looking for web solutions. One such, with the thirst to succeed, is FATbit Technologies, an affordable web design company. Operating from two offices in India, this seven year old firm is making e-investors think twice before hiring a firm with no concept of value for money.
In conclusion, it could be deciphered that an affordable web design company-FATbit Technologies is not a myth but a much needed reality.