Monday, May 21, 2012

Content Writing Traps – Watch out for the Pit

“It was just a moment, an apple, a TRAP, one bite and Adam and Eve were sinners, until that trap, it was all well done”!

If they didn’t have the fruit, world would have perhaps been a different place altogether! Having said everything, the real subject of interest is the TRAP here, that got all wrong and falling apart!

The big question and the highlight here is cyber specific; why is everyone else at the top of the game and you are still an underdog? Perhaps a trap, you don’t know the string to….watch out!

We start our weave, in the world of web, content writing is the most important factor in winning cyber race, but if you fall in the trap of wrong picks, you might be out of the game without an alert! Not getting traffic, not impressive bottom line, underperforming ranking, you might find yourself nagging for all these, but then the real question is WHY?
You must find out the various factors that knowingly or unknowingly run you down in the big business of the WWW. These hitches or blasphemies might not be obvious mostly but you must be able to spot where the fall out lies. More often than not, we cannot trace the trap we are into, until we are pinched. Let’s look at some of the content writing traps that you must watch out for and analyze before they mar your growth.

There you go:

•    You think you are an awesome web content writer and lost in your own obsession but the reality could be different. You must be really interesting to be in the hearts and minds of a reader and then finally make them buy from you. It could be a self trap, an assumption that could prove to be misleading. You might perceive it to be your best stuff, but it fails to connect to the audience. Be wary of what you write.

•    If you self assume that stuffing keywords could be a great idea to impress Google, you could be in dark. While SEO content writing is highly recommended, tucking your content with too many keywords could turn off the most popular search engines from falling for you. Be genuine, stay original, write authentic and optimize it well. There you are with the right ingredients to win over Google and the like.

•    Without focus, content goes to waste. You must at all times seat your eyes on what you want to convey and sell. Targeted content writing is of utmost importance. Each website, every product caters to a specific audience, you must be wary and zealous to understand your audience at all times without a fail. Study stats, understand the feedback and analyze what your audience really wants. Lack of focus and untargeted content could again be a misleading trap you might be slipping into.

•    You make your reader glued to your article till the end; wow you are a winner….is it? False! If your reader or audience doesn’t know what to do next, perhaps you haven’t ended it the way it should and make them return back to you. There has to be a call to action that pulls them to come back to you.
•    Make sure your web content has the visual appeal as well.

Since we have discussed the traps that can get you into trouble or out of the game, you must now be careful before taking the plunge and making the wrong moves or thoughts reap in your head. These are some of the pits that you could possibly fall into, if you have more, do write to us. Until then, play safe by getting assistance from a content services firm.

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