Monday, July 9, 2012

Sure Shot Tips For Awesome Design

Designing is like mathematics; if you got the basics right, nothing seems difficult. Therefore, there is no use trying to invest time and money in making changes that will only grow out of trend with the passage of time. Instead focus on points that are basic and offer long term results. Keep on reading for sure shot tips of awesome web design if you are tired of trying to implement complex tricks.

Less Load Time
If your website is taking aeon to load, then there is a big problem. Web users are low on patience, especially if we are not talking about social networking. A business website needs to open within five seconds of user hitting the go button. If the same is not happening because of the uber-cool graphics powered by FLASH or nay other reason, then only god may be able to help. Note down if you can’t remember: a business or commercial website need to open within five seconds.

Flawless Navigation  
User has reached your homepage but because of the unending cluttered content and links scattered everywhere, he doesn’t know where to go and thus decide to leave. This is the last thing you wish for your website. Therefore, keep the navigation clean. Place the important links where people can see them without straining their eyes. Horizontal bar navigation comes pretty handy in this case but there too, some spoil the dish by trying to place too many links. If you have no idea how to accomplish that, remember, there are enough professional web design companies out there that can help.

Design For all Resolutions
Every computer screen out there is not 640 x 480 or 1024 x 768. They vary hugely, and a designer’s job is to see to it that the website is fit for all the possible resolutions. In this case, designing in terms of percentage instead of pixels comes pretty handy. This is important and negligence in this area would only lead to lost visitors.

Don’t Overdo Images
It is well known that too much of anything is bad. The same applies in case of images too. Large and bulky images take extra time to load and in the meantime, you could lose the attention of visitor who has come looking for content or information. Agreed that an image accentuating the content works wonders in conveying the idea but it doesn’t grant the liberty of placing images after every paragraph! The bottom line is ‘know when to stop’.

Unprofessional Fonts and Color Schemes
You are in an aspiring web services provider but for some reason, you have chosen comic font for your content on the website. For company or commerce websites whose goal is achieved when money changes hands, using such font is completely unpardonable because the coded message being sent is ‘UNPROFESSIONAL’. The same is true in case of bright colored web pages solely made to increase the sale of eye drops. Rather than experimenting, prefer professional and easy readable fonts.
So, these are the sure shot tips for awesome design. If you have ‘best web Design Company’ by your side to guide you, then probably the above points are already being considered. But if you don’t…well, perhaps it’s time for change

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