Sunday, August 12, 2012

E-Tailers – How Serious are you about your Online Reputation Management?

The web space is pleasantly “Surprising” and surprisingly “Scary” for all those playing the online market game. Simple, if you are there on WWW, you must be cautious of what you do, how you conduct, else those nasty remarks could be unappetizing for your business. Your online reputation determines a lot about how long you stay and how fast you fall out, of course. 

Online marketers spend years in building their digital dignity but it can all come tumbling down in a matter of few hours, thanks to the way the world is connected now. In order to promote a positive impression on the cyber galaxy, you must have a strong ORM punch to your business strategy.

Ecommerce influenced by E-Reputation Management

Another facet of the online prosperity is the mushrooming industry of Ecommerce. Web retailers are on a rise and swarming the dot com arena fast. There is a competitive hodgepodge of price comparisons, consumer comments, customer reviews and the like. It is a world of ‘no holds barred’ and ‘free for all’ and the boldest survives. He, who knows the perseverance of handling digital conduct best, wins the race. 

According to a survey “Take the recent example of a Pizza company where two industrious employees at a franchisee in Kentucky did some extremely unappetizing things to their pizzas before delivery. And they posted their antics on YouTube.

The YouTube video received millions of views in the first 24 hours.  Sales began dropping off a cliff.  The CEO posted his own video on YouTube within 48 hours and avoided a disaster for his company”. 
Likewise, online retailers are waking up to the fact that their reviews published all over the web influence their sales a lot as well. Hence, they understand the significance of online reputation management to fix what doesn’t sound too right. 

Here are some strategies that can help E-Merchants bake the perfect reputation plan:
  • Instead of jumping onto a strategy without understanding how it really works would do no wonders to your reputation makeover. Browse through what works best in designing an online reputation management campaign. Hire a professional, if needed.
  • Learning about what people talk about you on your back is very important. Staying vigilant is indeed indispensable. While you concentrate on this, it is also vital to keep pushing good content live.
  • Reverts and responds are predominant. Understand what your clients expect and experience from your products. Project your gratitude more often than not, or polite notes expressing apologies and quick sales service if negative comments haunt your vertical.
  • Work diligently on the contents, exclusively the press releases and reviews that you publish. Upgrade their numbers and quality to rank higher and extract positive limelight.
Keep posting Google, Yahoo and Bing updates to draw in positive influence on your website and finally engage visitors to read what’s all good, for gossips that are nice, appeal fast.  

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