Saturday, August 25, 2012

PPC ADS – Did You Notice It’s Falling Off?

Pay per click is indeed one of the most successful online campaign ways to expose your business to a wider audience base. If marketers and gossip gurus are to be believed, PPC is growing popular as an advertising channel for a significant reason; high return on investment. Well when there are impressive dollars flowing in, who wouldn’t take a leap in the ball game?

Why PPC, you ask?
  • Assurances of rankings, for you are paying for it. Organic positions can alter but PPC would be consistent and largely reliable.
  • You can compete with those large fishes of the web pond, if you are a new business enterprise.
  • You can have regular insights on the potential of the keywords that rank well and those that don’t.
  • It’s a myth PPC is expensive, if you have the right professional on board with you who understands internet marketing; you can have maximum efficacy within your budget.  
As a matter of fact we all are acquainted with PPC ads on a daily basis, what makes them so different and yet intriguing? More often than not, we ignore them, but not always, some of them manage to strike attention. It takes a lot of skill and art to fill in your best marketing idea and sell your business in mere 95 characters. It’s indispensable and a proven way to drive traffic to your website in a flash, however if you don’t adhere to intuitive ways of doing it, your ads would do no good to your campaign.
One of the fastest growing tangents of the search engine marketing industry, PPC stats stood at $5.5 billion in 2005. However, the hype that surrounds the process is way too much as compared to the reality that it basks in. Pay per click campaigns do not often succeed owing to major causes.

Some of the common core reasons that drive your campaign lose out in the game are:
  • Your campaign could be too conservative – While you are designing the strategies pertaining to your PPC campaign, there could be some parameters you didn’t pay heed to or went too conservative like geographical distribution, number of keywords, bid price levels, effective advertisements or descriptions. It would have saved you moolah but in a way you lost out on the outcome, quite largely.
  • Or if you are too aggressive with your campaign, it would again drag you towards a disappointing crusade.
  • When people are cruising through the web they are looking for something specific. Something that serves their purpose exclusively. If your PPC online campaign is not specific, visitors would not knock at your site. Figure out your goals before embarking on a launch.
  • Your incapability to provide a suitable landing page could lead you to face a doomed PPC campaign.
  • Injecting changes or modifications in a rush while, before or after your campaign is live. Going carefree on the content or the purpose of your ad could also lead to a fall in the glory of your PPC.
  • If you do not constantly monitor your competition, you might be missing out on a lot of fodder that needs to be addressed.