Sunday, September 30, 2012

FATbit Helps you CAPTURE WWW with Bespoke e-Solutions

It’s simple,

You set goals, engineer the site map, and work out the user flow, 

Now it’s time to put a practical face to the design is largely about some serious craft and conscious methodologies. 

In times when ‘digital’ is a way of life, who would want to deal with a website that looks dodgy and sounds naive? Would you want to do business with an organized company that knows what they are rendering and promising to your online business? Or with someone that looks just out of bed and ‘the dog ate their designs’?

For exceptional designs, custom website design packages strategically designed through a professional is more often than not an optimal solution. A website design should never be underestimated; it is ‘THE’ online marketing tool that kick starts your business success on the web. A design that impresses the heck out of your clients is sure to run your business through the most profitable hallways online. Your website is an online representative of your business and decides your reputation in the eyes of clients and search engines. This is your resume, your business card, and your company’s credibility marker. Make it right! Period!

Why have a world class website that impresses your clients in only a glance?
  • Within 10 seconds, your customers will form an opinion about your business
  • If you are serious about your own website, visitors will be assured of your business stability and professionalism.
  • A stunning website will be intriguing enough for people to explore more
  • Gives you an edge over your competitive
Talk of professional, revolutionary and innovative, FATbit strikes like a trump on many minds aspiring to have great websites made. No wonder we have over 200+ repeat customers in just 8 years. At FATbit we work towards revolutionizing fresh websites, redefining tired looking designs, and bringing fresh breath to online businesses around the globe. Thanks to our extensively designed custom website design and development packages that make you look good on the web, like really good! 

The usual processes involved in a custom web design plan
  • A meeting to discuss design parameters and strategies keeping the business objective  and the planning documents in mind (well, it’s often official fun, because we are so passionate about our crafts)
  • Assembling design assets
  • Some customized design samples or drafts pertaining to the guidelines and business requirements
  • Client review and suggestions
  • Design revisions and amendments and final tweaks
  • Lastly an approved design
Through these phases, we encourage a very transparent and open source model of communication between our team and client. 

Why wait long for an awaited success? Hire us for some of the most sizzling website designs that make your customers happy like never before, and design could never get this affordable either! FATbit is a pleasantly affordable website design company that makes your website look like a million dollar baby. Ready to take the plunge? 

Through our impeccable web solution on the roll, businesses are empowered to manage, promote and perform greatly online. 
We make brilliant websites that make people swoon, love your business and talk about it all over the web. FATbit is your business’ personalized ‘silver spoon’ source. Buzz us or write to us today for more details on various e-solutions and proliferate your business online. 
For world class website designs and customized packages, hire FATbit Technologies. A master with over 8 years of experience in offering bespoke web solutions, FATbit offers web design packages and covers you from head to toe to give your business the right spark it needs to gleam the web.