Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How To Create a Web Design Portfolio

Web designers are proud of their works and they love to flaunt them. This is also a way to impress the visitor who wishes his website to get redesigned or get a new one made. But the visitor can only be turned into a client if the portfolio does its job. So, as a designer, one should also know how to make the best design portfolio to leave a lasting impression. Best website designing companies in India knows this and that’s why they have such global demand. Here are the points through which great portfolio can be accomplished;


How To Create a Web Design PortfolioA designer can have multiple design works to flaunt in different fields. One can be good in ecommerce platforms as well as minimalist designs. So, space needs to be made for every kind of work you are good at. Categorization is the key here. Logos, homepage snapshot and a little description can be used to simply display the different works. If client, looking for minimalist design services is not able to find the example of the same, then categorization has certainly gone wrong somewhere.

Highlight the best 

When it comes to highlighting in design portfolio, it is better to focus on quality rather than quantity. Designer love their every work but let’s think for a minute, who would like to scour through hundreds of design examples? Portfolio ought to have only the best works. If you find it difficult to select some, ask friends and online polls for help. 

State your specialization in words 

While the same has been accomplished through categorization, it is also required to clearly state the same through words. Those looking to get their design work done would like to know what you are master of and sooner they become aware, the better it is. Evolving a creative yet simple way to communicate the same will certainly be beneficial.

State your superpower   

Every designer has something he is good at; let’s state it as his superpower. It can be graphics, navigation, creativity or anything else. So, there has to shades of your superpower everywhere in the portfolio through which your portfolio will stand differentiated from other best web site companies portfolio. 

So, this was the recipe of best design portfolio from FATbit Technologies.
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