Monday, October 22, 2012

4 Ways to create a truly Unique Web Design

Absolutely any designer can make a truly unique web design but not many make them. And the sad part is that we cannot blame them for not trying something new; there are deadlines to follow, requirements from clients, time constraints and a lot of other gibberish. In such chaos, the pursuit of uniqueness is lost somewhere. But this doesn’t mean a designer shouldn’t do it. If not for clients, then, at personal level, a designer should always try to come up with some truly fresh. Here are the ideas that might come handy in accomplishing the same. 

Go blank  
With the passage of time, designers build stock of design bits and pieces that comes handy in different projects. This saves a lot of time and there is nothing wrong in doing the same. But when is planning to let the creative dogs out, the need is to ‘go blank’. If there is something that comes naturally to you - like determining the background color and starting with layout- abandon it and work anew. Think how you can make this one work different from anything you have done before. 

Shun online inspiration
When designers are looking for ideas, they often turn to online design galleries and showcases to get an idea what their counterparts is up to and what is hot. At subliminal level, whatever impresses them the most, design begins to emulate it. Even if designer tries to stray away and add an altogether different feel to the design, the soul remains of that very design. Hence, it is better to shun online inspiration when you are trying to come out with something new. Best web site designers do the same to enhance their level of creativity. As a matter of fact, as a designer, shun anything that you realize is seeping in without any thought.     

Do something brand new
White background for clean design, horizontal & vertical navigation bars and using a well accepted font are well accepted ideas. And let’s accept that if we will keep doing the same, how new trends will come up. So, if you are planning to come up with something different, shun such well accepted paths. Tread a designing path you have not travelled even once. Now, this may seem time consuming but do make the effort to find at least one such element. Web designers India are infamous for doing the same and perhaps that is why businesses are realizing their talent. 

Join forces
Now, by this we don’t mean to sign up for US Navy SEALs or something; we mean work with other designers. Brainstorm, share ideas and actually listen. Working in a team can be challenging but it can be great learning experience if you have the right people surrounding you. This would also add to your team-working and social skills which for the matter of fact people out to hire web designers love.  

Most of the ideas may seem like they will not help in handling commercial projects but the points will certainly burnish your designing craft.

At FATbitTechnologies, this is how we keep our designers’ creative self alive.