Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Characteristics of Compelling Call to Action Pages

Call to action pages are the game changers on a website. They are the pages through which the conversions happen. So, it is outright important to get the design of call to action pages right as a minor glitch can send the visitors scurrying away from the page. Making the visitor act is the primary goal of the page and hence it needs to be designed keeping the same in mind. Following are the points that can come handy in designing call to action pages like a pro;

Make it intuitive 
As emphasized above, call to action page is a very critical one and nothing can be accomplished without intuitiveness. Within seconds of landing on the page, a visitor should get the idea about its purpose, what is required to be done and how the page is beneficial. If the mentioned three ideas are not conveyed in few seconds, then, there is a fair chance that visitor will no longer stay. 

Avoid too many graphics  
Graphics are eye catchy but too many of them are plain distracting. Hence, one needs to limit their usage in call to action page. A logo can be used as it represents the website. In addition to that, a graphic to depict the product or service on offer can also be used. Any further addition has to be made very carefully and only if it is of utmost importance. Best web designing company would always suggest the same. 

Avoid too many navigation options
Your visitor has reached where you want him to be; then, what is the point of placing too many exit doors? When it comes to navigation on the call to action page, literally convert to minimalism. Of course you need to keep some links but make sure they are not attention attractors. There are a number of design tricks that can be used to dissuade attention from outgoing links. Well if you are not aware of them, then, ask website designing companies in India.

Using modal windows
On conversion page, there are numerous elements that visitor mightn’t be familiar with and thus explanation is needed. Modal windows serve the purpose very well as the visitor is not taken to another page. It can be used to address technical issues, FAQ’s, support questions and many other queries that come up on a conversion page. However, if your call to action page can do without a modal window, then, there is no need for an inclusion. 
Color considerations  
Color considerations are not to be ignored in case of call to action pages. There are some colors that, in our day to day life, provoke different emotions. For instance, red is usually taken as a danger or stop sign and thus should not be used for call to action buttons. So, one has to be thoughtful about what color to use while making call to action pages. 

Seasoned designers are known for making call to action pages that increase the chances of conversion. A good or, should we say, the best web design portfolio indicates towards a pro.

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