Sunday, October 14, 2012

Colors Preferred by Web Designers as Base Color

Coming up with a color scheme that inspires is not easy and only experts with plenty of experience can get it picture perfect. Selection of the base color is the very first step in building the color scheme. While any color could be used as a foundation, there are some colors that are particularly loved for web designers for their personality. So, let’s get to know the colors that designers prefer.  

Black is powerful as well as elegant. It has a grace that a base color asks for. The major advantage with the color is that it can contrast with any color without looking odd or out of the place. Though black in some cultures is regarded as a negative color, it has a wide acceptance on web. That said, a designer has to be careful about using black in large quantities when website has plans to use large amount of text. Content is hard to read on a black background. Another drawback of black is that it is not very soft on eyes during long sittings.

White stands for purity and neatness. Just like its exact opposite black, it can also contrast with any color with ease. By attracting little attraction for itself, it gives other colors or elements the chance to make their mark. From the aspect of readability too, white is equally loved by best web design agencies India, US, China and other countries. White is often used as a base color for websites with focus on photography or display art. So, it can be said designers choose white when clients wish to keep a lot of negative space.

Orange is refreshing and delightful; there is nothing bossy about it. It gives a very mellow feel with streaks of energy and joy. With orange, visibility is very high and that is why it is also used in web designs to highlight crucial elements. Even for call to action buttons, usage of orange is very popular. If a designer is new and in dither about which color to be used as a base color, then, white and orange can be safe bets. In addition to color’s personality, dedicated website designers in India would also take into account the organization website will represent. For instance, a firm dealing in oil drilling will perhaps not prefer orange if the color is not part of their brand identity.

Green is for growth and peace; it also represents nature and everything that comes with it. Green is pleasant to look at and, thus, takes care of limitations present with black. In day to day life too, people come across green and consider it as safe and feel good color. Hence, it can be used as base for websites that represent financial institutions and banks. Besides that, a company that holds green technology in high esteem would also like green as base.  
Blue and yellow are the other colors considered by designers while pondering on base color. So, if you are looking for a designer, along with asking about affordable web design packages, also confirm his color knowhow.  

Being an experienced designing firm, FATbit Technologies, apart from considering personality of the color, takes into account multiple factors such as brand identity and logo before deciding on color scheme.