Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How New Yorkers Look for Offshore Web Design Companies?

New York is counted among the most advanced cities in the world. The city is known for its skyscrapers and business houses. Being premier financial center, the city has all kinds of industries like financial, media advertising, fashion, design and web technologies that form its economy. A new report of The Center for an Urban Future shows that New York has become the second technology hub after Silicon Valley in USA. Firms related to web technology, web development and web designing are growing rapidly. 

One of the major reasons behind the growth of web technology in the city is the maturity of the science and technology sector. Prominent leaders of web industry like Microsoft and twitter have moved to the city from other advanced locations like Boston and Bay area. Now, the technology is not only used for infrastructure like earlier, but entrepreneurs are applying this to other traditional industries like media, advertising, finance and fashion. 

After successful establishment of business houses in the city, now entrepreneurs are turning towards World Wide Web. They are making their best efforts to make their presence stronger on WWW, a most powerful medium of promotion and communication. People are accessing internet not only from their personal computer but also from tablets to mobiles. They are visiting various websites for information and for online shopping. 

According to different surveys conducted by various online companies, it is revealed that:

·         55% Americans use internet daily
·         Around 80% of users accessed internet just to purchase something online

Above mentioned stats are enough to indicate the popularity of internet in USA only. Moreover, it reflects that everybody is keen in doing business on cyber world. With a boom in e-commerce, demand for business websites has increased. People are looking for good and experienced web design companies to have a well developed website. With an increase in the demand for websites, number of website developing companies has come into existence in New York

The local web design companies are offering various web design services at varied prices. The prices, which are too high, may be suitable for large business owners but inapplicable for the others. So, now the point is about to get a website at affordable prices. This point leads you to search a web design company other than the companies located at New York. In this process of searching you may came across a term, offshore web design companies. The offshore companies, that claims to offer best web design services at affordable prices. 

But the question arises,
·         Are these offshore companies reliable?
·         Are the services cost effective as compare to the local one?
·         Are they able to coordinate with you despite different geo locations? 

Above mentioned questions are nullified when global clients reach FATbit and are served quality, experience and technical expertise at reasonable prices.

FATbit Technologies (visit Website) -a leader in the field of outsourcing is a reputed firm located at Mohali, India and is working since 2004. The company is a home to industry’s best web designers that offer best web designing services. These designers are enriched with a perfect blend of creativity and technical knowledge. 

Reliability: the market presence of more than 9 years reflects the reliability of the company. Owing to its quality services, the company is certified with an ISO: 9001-2008 certification. The company has earned a long list of clients from all over the world and is known for rendering maximum satisfaction to them. 

Cost Effectiveness:  FATbit Technologies offer best web designing services at industry leading prices. Local service providers at New York charge 3 to 4 times more as compare to the packages available at FATbit Technologies. In this hard time of recession, who wants to pay large bucks? 

Customer Support: the customer support of the company is highly appreciated by its clients for the excellent services. The customer support team is available 24 hours to coordinate with the customers residing at any location of the world. Gone are the days when one can worry about the time zone differences of different geographical locations.  

The above mentioned example of FATbit Technologies can surely give you an answer to your questions. By analyzing above points, it is proved that offshore outsourcing for web designing is definitely beneficial as compared to local web design solution. Overall, it’s the time to have maximum benefit of cyber world, on which we are going to have a strong presence.
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