Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Journey to the Centre of High Tech Era – Responsive Web Design

In this mad techno era, it’s quite a miracle how technocrats remain sane. 

When you look at the various browsers, laptops, operating systems and tablets swarming the market, it seems like an explosion more often than not, it’s quite alarming for web designers and developers to align their adept skills with dynamic web standards. There’s absolutely no time, where you design separate websites for desktop and mobiles, this massive technological ecosystem has gone responsive. Or should we say, umm ‘responsibly responsive’? Agree? Read further.....
There came a time, when having websites became the buzz and brouhaha. And there is again a paradigm shift, people crave for their mobiles to give them everything they need without doing the elaborate process of ‘check out the pc’ thingy. Well, believe us you; we observe layers of practicality in technological beliefs, now.

Responsive web design – Call of times 

A large portion of customers want one design that blends in everything, all mobile devices, or laptops or PC, tablets or myriad of operating systems. They need all screen resolutions to be compatible, period! Head honchos, grinning eh? 

With the world shrinking to small screens and devices with diverse screen resolutions making their way, having a design that fits all is imperative. They call it the simple and smart idea. And well, they work! 

Oh well, (idea) that reminds me of where it comes from. Revolutions happen when idea and inquisitions make some secret love, Initiated by Ethan Marcott, responsive web design wasn’t even touched upon, when he questioned at the rising trend of mobile experiences, what’s next? An Ipad website? N90 Website? He fluttered his eyesbrows and raised his concern; can we really keep making separate websites to give each user their bespoke experience? Separate websites for different devices looked cumbersome and hence as from need comes innovation; responsive website designs came along to make life even easier. 

Responsive web design has gained traction over the few years and looks promising. Coding and interaction are being redefined and dedicated website designers and developers seem to be busier than ever. In short, it’s one solution that adjusts all platforms. 

With the power of CSS the same content can be accessed on various mobile phones to wide screen high resolutions displays. Let’s look some of the strategies that RWD is powered by:
  • Fluid Grid – Liquid grid system uses percentages to define container widths of the browser viewport.
  • Media Queries – You may use conditions to deliver custom CSS. Stack your grid columns and modify formatting for smaller screens. Before you serve up the stylesheet, you can check the dimensions of the screen.
  • Responsive images – They have max width that seamlessly aligns images to fit the width of the screen on which the webpage is rendered.
Responsive designs are poised to provoke the proliferation of vast mobile experiences. Their features advocate the above said:
  • Less effort, simplified experience
  • Smooth and optimized experience
  • Customer friendly website
  • Do not worry about any redirects
  • Free of device alternating issues
  • Less maintenance
Some great tools to get started with Responsive and embrace the new age deal:
  • Twitter Bootstrap – With robust base CSS and JavaScript plugins, it is a great tool to rapidly build fantastic responsive sites confirming to most progressive web standards. A must favourite of webmasters.
  • ThemeForest – Where there are followers, it’s got to have something. ThemeForest’s Wordpress templates have a lot of reviewers.
  • Net Magazine helps you have a look at some of the greatest tools for responsive wordpress design.
It’s not a magic solution but the ideal solution; it claims to make user experience more consistent. They say what’s in a name? Well, there’s a lot in there, why else would it be responsive? Winksss......

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