Monday, October 29, 2012

Open Source Technologies – Why is it Important to Integrate it?

Open source has been interpreted as the next big thing in the technology arena. Open source technologies have ameliorated collaboration and innovation in the security industry. These technologies are poised to deliver top notch and high quality solutions. By and large open source technology is about letting developers see the source code of software and modify it as well. Linux operating system is known as one of the leading open source platforms. Open source development similarly is predominantly about developing custom web development, web design solutions, software development, web application development and the like. Advocates of open source technology put high emphasis on reviews, clean adaptable design, maintenance and adherence to high quality standards.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of this technology that is reforming the ways online businesses work, the counting starts:

  • Customize your business – Since it is open source, business performers can tweak the software according the business needs. Modifications in the functionality could be possible. Be wary of the right methodologies.
  • Open source technology for any online business is a highly reliable parameter to be considered. Reliability often comprises of attributes like defect free products that are resistant to errors, crashes and data loss. Even if there occurs any shortcoming, since it is an open source, it can be immediately fixed. Open source technology ensures a robust software solution.
  • As time and eras change, technology is transformed from time to time and there are constant upgradations and modifications happening. Open source rules the roost. It adapts to new upgrades and changes perfectly. For online businesses and web development ventures, open source is optimal.
  • In terms of interoperability, open source is certainly the best considered solution across all business genres and users. This technology is far better at adapting to open standards.
  • Open source software is more often than not free and only charges you on upgrades. There are several support options that make it even more preferable. Linux has an online community with brilliant documentation, forums, mailing lists, forges, wikis, newsgroups and live support chat.
  • When you opt for open source technology, you are free of severe vendor lock in that can afflict users of proprietary packages.
  • The security aspect in an open source technology is much higher as compared to a proprietary option. Companies can constantly review and scrutinize their products and fix the vulnerabilities from time to time.
  • Open source technology enables businesses take advantage of tried and tested standards that are used for building software architecture. Businesses can seamlessly integrate their products with the client’s expected models. They will not be any more dependent on vendor’s software and will encounter profound business growth. A company that has diverse open source technologies make up for the best strategic partner for your business, that will understand your processes and power your business just the way it deserves, and you vision.

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