Friday, September 18, 2015

Why ecommerce clone scripts are better than building online stores from scratch?

To start an ecommerce business you don’t always need a hefty amount of money that goes on building an online store from scratch. Market is packed with productive clone scripts that make way for new businesses and give them a definite way to have a head start.  Despite being replicas, clone scripts are chosen
over custom websites to launch ecommerce business. 

Following are the benefits that make clone scripts more popular: 

1. Clone Scripts are Affordable

Getting a quality web design in limited budget is nearly impossible so clone scripts prove affordable medium to attain quality i.e. at par with leading online stores. You can’t create custom website without hiring a design and development team and the cost of skilled developers is generally high. So people choose to buy a script of a popular ecommerce website from a trusted web partner instead of searching for development services. Also Read: Paperweight – Easiest Way to Start Essay Writing Platform 

2. Save time as well as efforts

If you pick out a clone script, your time of building a website from scratch is saved. Custom ecommerce stores take months/years to get live. The site is created in phases which include research, planning, wireframing, actual design & development, testing, etc. On the other hand, clone scripts are predefined and do not need this much of time to be fully operative. And if you buy readymade ecommerce website, then it takes less than three days to start an ecommerce business.

3. Clone Scripts are Scalable

Clone scripts are built to make a business progress as per changing marketing trends. Scalability makes good scripts adaptable by offering automatic upgrades and maintains performance level in the long run. This ensures timely improvements that enhance performance of an online store and make it apt as per the current demand of customers. Read About Instacart and LocalBanya: Portals that sells grocery & other household essentials

4. Easily customizable

Clones scripts give you less expensive way of starting an online store similar to big/popular stores like Amazon and Etsy. But that does not mean you are bound to look like these big brands forever. Initially a business demands strong and instant foothold so clone scripts are viable option but when you think it’s time to move few levels up, you can customize existing website easily. Most of the ecommerce websites built with clone scripts usually upgrade their design after a while to compete with bigger names. It happens when they become confident of their position in the market, have attained stability in terms of revenue, footfall, and want to build a brand. 


5. Fit in Budget of new/small businesses

There are lots of constraints, thoughts and risks that come along the idea of starting an ecommerce business. Owners of new businesses have to think of marketing too and usually have small budget in the beginning. In this state, cutting down the cost of development is most feasible option. The option of redesigning and making it bigger is always present with these small businesses depending on their growth and returns. The money saved on development can be utilized on marketing.

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Clone scripts are suitable solution provided you have found the best one. To make the right choice, you should firstly have a fair idea of a business model and clearly know who your customers as well as competitors are. Investing in scripts that can offer the best of all can be more fruitful. FATbit has developed few of such systems that help build affordable marketplaces and prove better than clone scripts available in the market. The top-selling products of FATbit are as under:

YoKart- Multi-Vendor Ecommerce store for Startups
YoDeals- Daily deals system for creating Groupon like websites
Paperweight- To create Marketplace for Freelance writers

Visit FATbit, if you look for more options to start ecommerce business. We have developed scripts that power big and small ecommerce businesses (Custom tailoring, rentals, memberships, food ordering, etc.) globally.

Discuss with FATbit, if you have zeroed in on a business idea and need right script to develop it. Our team specializes in assisting startups and developing online marketplace according to their chosen business model. Leave your query and we will get back to discuss.